The Complete Guide to Foam Rolling

The Complete Guide to Foam Rolling


An eBook created specifically for you by world renowned Exercise Physiologist, Sports Injury Consultant, foam rolling expert and creator of the Foam Rolling App, Jono Freeman.  


You’ve probably heard of foam rolling and have seen it around - but are you doing it right?

Foam Rolling, known as the new age stretching has been shown to help:

  • Release Muscular and Connective Tissue Tension

  • Improve Flexibility

  • Prevent Injury

  • Improve Muscular Performance

  • Reduce Stress


Follow along as Jono draws upon his superior knowledge and expertise to deliver the best releases to help eliminate your pain for good and optimise movement.


Suitable for all individuals with the use of a foam roller it will help release muscular and tissue tightness that may arise from exercise or poor posture which can ultimately lead to pain.


A peek inside?

  • You’ll find specific muscle releases of the major areas that are likely to prevent optimal movement or cause injuries.

  • Detailed and easy to follow step by step instructions.

  • Detailed muscle information for each specific exercise and how to position the body for the optimal release.

  • Specific muscle action information for each exercise to help you understand your body.


The eBook will be available for download after purchase.